( Austrått Manor, Norway )


Aerial view of the Austråttborgen estate in Norway. This estate is located near Trondheim, Norway. Photograph courtesy of the website.


    "Chancellor Ove Bjelke completed this renaissance palace in 1656. The palace is built around the original 12th century chapel (gårdskirken) and is richly adorned with stone work, elegant external galleries and wooden sculptures."


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The GLAAB crest is chiseled on a portal of an estate near the city of Trondheim in Norway: Austråttborgen. This particular portal serves as an ancestral arch that depicts the lineage of a prominent Norwegian family. Included amongst several family crests, the GLAAB crest is located approximately in the middle of the right side of that arch. Click here to examine a larger detailed photograph of this ancestral arch, courtesy of its photographer: Arnstein Rønning.